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Your railway specialist for rail welding and LWR plants..

Machines and solutions developped by VFC

Solutions for Railways and Contractors

VFC design and produce machines for the construction and the maintenance of your railway rail track with a focus on the rail welding:

Induction rail welding machine,
  Integrated into a rail-road system (railroad welding truck),
  As a containerized system,

  Rail slow bend test press
  The press can be integrated into a trailer or a container,
  Rail weld slow bend test according EN14587, EN14730, AS 1085.20, AREMA,

Rail strainghtening machines
  Mobile vertical rail straigthening press MVP120 , can be supplied with a dismountable gantry crane transportable by two persons, available with a self propeled lorry for quick access to the rail track, or it can be installed as stationary rail bender as well,
  Portable vertical rail straightening press PVP110 is transportable by two persons,
  Portable horizontal rail straightening press PHP50 is transportable by two persons,

Rail grinding machines
  Rail head grinder,
  Rail web grinder,

Rail handling equipment: Rail lifting clamps, Rail conveyors and trolleys to carry Short Rails (SR) and Long Welded Rails (LWR)

Portfolio with innovative solutions

FC80 - Machine de soudage de rail par induction,..

Induction rail welding machine

FC80 - Rail welding machine in Railroad truck

The VFC induction rail welder is designed to fit a two-axles truck making our VFC Rail-road rail welding truck very agile to access the..

MVP120 - Cintreuse mobile pour redresser les..

Mobile vertical rail straightener

MVP120 - Vertical rail bender

The mobile vertical press (MVP120) is a patented design for straightening rails or rail-joints vertically after flash-butt welding. This..

PVP110 - Cintreuse de rail portable pour..

Portable vertical rail straightener

PVP110 - Vertical rail bender

The portable vertical rail straightening press (PVP110) is designed to bend rails or rail-joints vertically. This rail straightener is..

PHP50 - Cintreuse de rail portable pour redresser..

Portable horizontal rail straightener

PHP50 - Horizontal rail bender

The portable horizontal rail straightening press (PHP50) is designed to bend rails or rail-joints horizontally. This rail straightener..

SBP326 - Presse d'essai de flexion de rail ##A##..

Slow bend test presses

SBP326 - Rail slow bend test press

Purpose: The SBP326 press (rail weld slow bend test press) are designed to apply a vertical force on a rail coupon in order to test the..

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Camion rail-route de soudage de rail par induction et presse d'essai de flexion / rail welding truck - railroad truck for induction rail welding with Rail weld Slow Bend Test press in trailer

induction rail welding machine mobile vertical rail straightener portable vertical rail portable horizontal rail slow bend test presses sbp326
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